Thursday, January 13, 2011

...the passion of the church

A little while ago, Chris Tomlin released a new album. On it are songs that you've probably heard like "Our God" and "I Will Follow". Listening to it the other day, there was a line from a song that jumped out and just really caught me. As I'm driving, I hear "Let the glory of Your name (God) be the passion of the church".

That is what the church exists for - the glory of God. To make God known. How it's expressed may look different from church to church, and that's ok. Sometimes I'm afraid that it's something we only give lip service to. Or that we may want to be all about God's glory, but we allow personal agendas or interests to rise up instead.

Church: what are you about?
What is your passion?
What would it look like to fully let the glory of God be the passion of the church?

Or do you disagree?

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  1. Dude,

    1st off Fantastic blog. I agree with your out look of the church only giving lip service to the kingdom. I feel that the passion of the church is to confined to the four walls or at least the church that I youth minister at. For instant our churches idea of evangelism is how can we get people to our building. Dont get me wrong I do think it is important to get people involved in what goes on inside of our church but that is far from what evangelism is.

    Right across from our church is the city soccer fields. I play soccer and on sunday nights at 5 pm 20 people are out there playing and anyone is welcome. But i can not go because we have church on sunday night at the time and I am not allowed to miss.

    It is sad. but once again I think your blog is great and thanks for the Jimmy Fallon post as well. Keep up the great work.